Rudiment Tap

Learn & Play Snare Drum Rudiments on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch


Works Perfectly!

I enjoy using it on the go when it would be awkward to carry around a practice pad...Helps to teach you and...improve your rudiments.

Kingeryfaimly in the App Store

Wonderful app!

Very accurate! I never thought I would find a drum rudiment app this good...I would give 100 stars if I could.

Clccvcvytysr in the App Store

Learn your Rudiments

Every percussionist should know the 40 standard rudiments. Rudiment Tap trains you to play them:

  1. Choose the rudiment you want to work on.
  2. Learn the sticking pattern by playing the rudiment slowly on your touch screen with your fingers. Rudiment Tap tells you when you've played the rudiment correctly, or when you've made a sticking error.
  3. Work on your rhythmic accuracy by playing along with the built-in metronome. Rudiment Tap checks your sticking AND rhythm for accuracy, and gives you a grade for how well you played the rudiment.

Test your accuracy

Play along with Rudiment Tap's built-in metronome. Rudiment Tap will grade you on your sticking and rhythmic accuracy.

  • Play at tempos from 30-250 bpm (pro tip: Start slow, and only increase the tempo when you can play the rudiment at an "Excellent" level).
  • Grades the accuracy of all of your notes, including flams and drags.
  • Gives you accuracy grades of "Superior", "Excellent", "Good", or "Not so good."

See each rudiment

Some rudiments have evolved strange "standard" notation (like 15 stroke rolls). Rudiment Tap includes optional "verbose" display that shows how these rudiments should be played.

Memorize each Rudiment perfectly

To help you memorize all your rudiments, Rudiment Tap can hide the sheet music. Test your knowledge of each rudiment by playing without music.

Choose your lead hand

Once you've mastered a rudiment leading with your right hand, switch Rudiment Tap into left-hand lead mode, and learn the rudiment off the left. Rudiment Tap helps you master all of your rudiments off of each hand.


Love the app

Very useful to teach rudiments.

PaulWo on the App Store

Includes 40 Rudiments and variations

Single stroke roll rudiments

  • Single stroke roll
  • Single stroke four
  • Single stroke seven

Multiple bounce roll rudiments

  • Triple stroke roll

Double stroke open roll rudiments

  • Double stroke open roll
  • Five stroke roll
  • Six stroke roll (standard)
  • Six stroke roll (slurred)
  • Seven stroke roll
  • Nine stroke roll
  • Ten stroke roll
  • Eleven stroke roll
  • Thirteen stroke roll
  • Fifteen stroke roll
  • Seventeen stroke roll

Diddle rudiments

  • Single paradiddle
  • Double paradiddle
  • Triple paradiddle
  • Single paradiddle-diddle

Flam rudiments

  • Flam
  • Flam accent
  • Flam tap
  • Flamacue
  • Flam paradiddle
  • Single flammed mill
  • Flam paradiddle-diddle
  • Pataflafla
  • Swiss army triplet
  • Inverted flam tap
  • Flam drag

Drag rudiments

  • Drag
  • Single drag tap
  • Double drag tap
  • Lesson 25
  • Single dragadiddle
  • Drag paradiddle #1
  • Drag paradiddle #2
  • Single ratamacue
  • Double ratamacue
  • Triple ratamacue

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